Hydroseeding in Matthews

U.S. Green Pros a division of AKA Landscapes is proud to offer a full, comprehensive hydroseeding service for both residential and commercial properties in Matthews. If your vision for your property is a green, lush lawn in a remarkably short amount of time, all for a fraction of the cost of sodding, then hydro grass is the best option for you. Call us today at (704) 821-7767 to get yourself started on the process of getting that next-level healthy look that your property deserves.

Hydro Grass: Cost Effective and Exciting

To get your lawn started, you’ll first get a visit from one of our soil analysis technicians. They will take a thorough look at your property and take samples of your soil to send to our lab. After we run the necessary tests, we will get a detailed analysis of the specific needs of your soil, which helps us assemble a perfectly calibrated slurry mixture for your property. Our obsession with forward-thinking and detail-oriented landscaping science has made our process really look like magic.

We assemble your treatment with the perfect mixture of hydroseeding mulch, grass seed, fertilizer, soil stabilizers, soil amendments, and water, so that germination starts the instant your mix hits the ground. We’ve actually hacked the natural process of soil growth to bring you a natural lawn in a time frame that doesn’t seem possible. Most grass growth is visible in as short a time as a few days, and your lawn might start to look like a finished lawn in as few as two weeks.

Hydroseeding Experts Aftercare Tips

The most important aftercare tip is to make sure that traffic on new hydro grass is kept to a minimum. While the science of hydroseeding has made it as exact as possible, it’s still a natural process, and the grass will grow best if its left undisturbed.

If you’re wondering if the time is right to start treating your lawn like a normal lawn, contact one of our contractors. We’re happy to keep our professionals available to see you through to the final product of your project. After we’ve done our thing, the success of your lawn depends on the aftercare strategies taken, as well as the whims of mother nature. However, our professionals can certainly give you a bit more information about how your lawn is coming along.

Call U.S. Green Pros a division of AKA Landscapes Today for Your Hydro Grass Lawn in Matthews

Call us today for all the information about how to make this exciting process work for your property. If you’ve decided you’re more interested in a sodded lawn, please don’t hesitate to look at some other parts of this website for more information about how we can help you make that dream a reality also!

Whether you’re looking for the speed of a sodded lawn, or the low price tag of a hydroseeded lawn, you can trust that the experts at U.S. Green Pros a division of AKA Landscapes have all the expertise and experience you need to sow the seeds of success in your landscape. Call us today for more information!