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Benefits of Hydro Grass Over Sod Grass

Hydro grass isn’t quite as fast as a sod lawn. While a sod lawn can give you a full lawn in as little as one day, there are maintenance concerns with sod grass that are eliminated with a hydroseeded lawn. This technology hacks biology to naturally grow grass from seed at a time frame that you need to see to believe! While sod leaves seam between pallets that need to grow in naturally, hydro grass can grow a solid lawn without the worries of being able to see the cracks between the grass pallets.

With the proper aftercare and maintenance, professional hydroseeding also eliminates the concern that a grass pallet might not take and leave you with a section of dead lawn that will need to be replaced. The best part—these lawns can start to germinate in a few days, and bring you a beautiful, lush lawn in a short amount of time and for an affordable rate. Call us today for efficient and professional hydro grass maintenance and application.


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