We’re happy to offer lawn dethatching services as a part of our extensive lawn maintenance package. Call us today at (704) 821-7767 to set up an appointment with one of our lawn care specialists. Lawn dethatching is an essential part of the maintenance process for a healthy lawn but is often overlooked or forgotten by many of today’s homeowners. If you’d like more information about how this service can benefit your residential or commercial green space, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

Grass Dethatcher Services

Lawn thatch is dead grass and other debris that pile up between your soil and healthy grass. If left for long enough, it can prevent sunlight from reaching as far down your grass shafts as it needs to, to properly provide sustenance to the whole plant. If left for even longer, it can start to rot and cause disease in your lawn. Usually, thatch buildup is simply a normal byproduct of regular lawn maintenance like mowing. If your goal for your property is a beautiful, well-manicured lawn, then mowing is an essential component of your maintenance routine. That means that thatch and thatch buildup is simply a fact of life!

U.S. Green Pros a division of AKA Landscapes offers a dethatching service to deal with grass and debris buildup. Regular dethatching can prevent brown spots from taking over your lawn and causing you the unnecessary expense of having to replace dead or damaged grass. We can effectively remove the built-up debris so that your lawn can continue to be as clean and healthy as you deserve it to be! Call us today to set up your lawn dethatching appointment.

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