As its name suggests, a retaining wall is engineered to keep soil in place. This allows your property to better retain its shape. Property owners have used retaining walls to improve the form and function of their landscapes for centuries. Thanks to modern technologies and the development of new materials, they have only grown in sophistication since.

U.S. Green Pros a division of AKA Landscapes has written out seven key benefits of retaining walls to show you how they can enhance your commercial property.


Retaining Wall Systems Expand Usable Land

If your commercial property has many unused sloped areas, installing a retaining wall system is an ideal solution. Italian farmers have made incredible use of retaining walls to grow crops on the steepest of mountains. So why can’t you use the same techniques to enjoy your space? By adding a series of retaining walls into your sloped landscape, you can create garden steps that look lush and inviting. You can even use retaining walls to create areas for patios and get the most out of your space.

Retaining Walls Are Durable and Low-Maintenance

U.S. Green Pros  retaining walls are designed to last. Stone retaining walls are particularly durable, no matter the weather. Don't suffer through the hard labor of mowing sloped lawns, instead, enjoy the savings that come with low-maintenance landscaping solutions. Save time, money and effort all year-round!

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